1. "I had attended the B2B conference it was really good .Meeting to reliable sources/ destination in Poland is really very good."
    - Mr. Ashutosh Bansal, Director, Rising Cycle Industries, Delhi

  2. FICCI Business Delegation to USA during April 2012 helps forge successful business cooperation between Agro Pulping Machinery Pvt. Ltd (India) and Cambridge International (USA) - Testimonial from Governor of Maryland
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  3. "We have got a number of Leads for business partnerships in areas of technology, distribution and marketing JVs."
    - Mr. Amit Joshi, Deputy Manager-Business Development, Raymond Ltd.

  4. "We have formed a business partnership with FormaciĆ³ny Desarrollo,an E-Training company from Spain"
    - Mr. Jalpesh Thaker, Territory Manager, Eastern Software Systems Pvt Ltd.

  5. "Adding to our core strength, we have signed an NDA with e-TrainingFormaciĆ³nyDesarrollo, Spain"
    - Mr. Jayant Joshi, Managing Director, Ajay Techma Systems Pvt Ltd.

  6. "Signing an MoU with a Bulgarian company. Out of the 3 companies that we met, we were able to get an MoU signed with one of them for an exclusive Indian business. I have since visited Bulgaria personally to see and evaluate Company's equity and product before signing in."
    - Mr. Sajid Mukhtar, Managing Director, Ansari Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

  7. "Outcome of the Meeting :They met SIAC Spa (Italian company) with whom they discussed export of their manufactured products. After couple of initial discussions, they met the company in Italy for finalizing the contract with them"
    - Gold Seal - Saar Gummi India Pvt. Ltd.

  8. "We have successfully negotiated to introduce a new brand of coffee to our country, the promotional settings are still on .We have mutually signed the MOU for conducting business, imported samples for promotional campaign. The Italian counterpart is also printing their annual calendar for distribution to associates for the coming year 2008 in all our Indian 21 languages, beginning from Sanskrit, the artery of all Indian languages, just as Latin is to European languages."
    - Ms. Jessica Rodrigues, Director, Kavjess Export Import Trading Company.