Company Details

Company Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Representative Name Yogesh Dahiya
Designation MD
Company Profile "NSSPL has been engaged more than eighteen years in providing Turnkey solutions for various type of Post-Harvest project within India & Across the Globe. We have installed number of state of the art Controlled Atmosphere storage and Temperature controlled storages facilities in India and also implementing one of its kind Potato Storage plant in West Africa . We providing state of the art storage solutions for the Fruit & Vegetables Cold Storage, Fruit Ripening System, Frozen Food & Plants, IQF, Block Ice Plant, Chilling Plant, Storage Dairy Products, Sorting & Grading Lines,etc.. NSSPL has always aligned with changing technology and upgrade its manufacturing facility to produce world class eco-friendly systems for post-harvest projects. NSSPL is engaged with various leading brand and key technology providers across the globe to bring best storage technology and system to India and across the globe which benefits to Farmers & end users support to reduce the postharvest losses."
Business Interest Want to supply Turnkey Projects for Cold Storage, IQF with Processing plant, Ripening System